Why online timesheets?

Why online timesheets?

Changes in technology in recent years has meant the recruitment industry has evolved to online timesheets at a rapid rate, allowing end clients, contractors and agencies to submit, approve and bill for timesheets online, which has meant less time is being used chasing for paper timesheets to be faxed to the correct department!

Even with the development of smart phones, tablets and laptops, some agencies are still operating using paper timesheets, and in many cases, this isn’t a choice.

Smaller agencies do not have the funds to invest in recruitment specific timesheet systems as funding is being used to develop the relationships and contractors they have.  The extra admin burden this puts on an agency means higher overheads and more cumbersome processes.

Whilst some agencies are still resistant to change, most regular contractors and end clients expect an online timesheet platform to be available as standard. The way you interact with your clients and contractors forms the basis of the relationship and an online timesheet platform allows for the communication you have to be sales and relationship management based, rather than an admin call that could be dealt with by an automated system.

We provide our clients with an integrated, secure and easy to use e-timesheet service at no extra cost alongside our advanced contract placement funding service.  Placing contractors, submitting timesheets and sending invoices becomes hassle free and efficient whilst also utilising our funding solution.

1PS understands that online timesheet systems are available through many suppliers and invoice financing through many different providers, however we pride ourselves on the insight we have with expert knowledge and experience in this industry. Which is why are on hand to discuss the process and any questions you have.  For more information on our service and offerings contact us on 0207 175 1177 or email us at hello@1ps-old.phantasm.in.