5 Ways to Grow your Recruitment Business

5 Ways to Grow your Recruitment Business

  1. Create opportunities!

Relationships within recruitment are essential, building a network of contacts and clients means your agency will be able to rely on knowledge and expertise of the people you know. Ensuring you are in the forefront of your client’s minds will allow you to establish a strong position with your contacts, meaning meetings and catch ups are a must. Utilising social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and sector specific blogs you can expand your network without physical constraints.

  1. Stay one step ahead.

A proactive approach to your processes will allow you to remain in control. Make sure agreements with clients are in writing and clear to understand, send a follow up email to confirm their requirements including a detailed job spec. Maintain regular communication not just with your clients but also your contractor pool, being aware of you contractor’s current situation will make you a far more reliable recruiter for your clients and will also mean you don’t try to over deliver.

  1. Always dot the I’s and cross the t’s!

As a business owner it is your responsibility to keep up to date with employment laws and regulations affecting you and your business. Consider joining industry leading organisations such as APSCo who will provide you with advice and industry updates. Being in the know pays in the long run, ensuring your agency is compliant allows you to protect your business.

  1. Go Digital!

Make sure your agency has a smooth back office process, with minimal admin burden and a professional appearance to clients can make a real difference to relationships. At 1PS we have a great understanding and insight into how recruitment agencies work and the speed in which placing contractors happens. We understand that the process needs to be intuitive and simple. Our automated communications, invoices and timesheet set up means users across the platform can navigate and execute tasks quickly and without error.

  1. Keep the cash flowing.

Cash flow in recruitment is notoriously difficult, the more successful you are at securing contracts and placements the more funding you need to be available. Not having this available to you can restrict your business success enormously, 1PS ensure funding is available quickly and without delay, allowing you to focus on what you do best, growing your business.

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