A guide to contract recruitment

Being prepared in the fast-paced world of contract recruitment is essential and key to being successful. No matter the sector, agencies are required to fill placements in short time frames and the competition is fierce.

These ten tips will help you to understand the contracting world and keep on top of your relationships and be more aware of your process and financial constraints:

  1. Communication is key, make sure you touch base with contractors and clients regularly to ensure you have the most up to date information and can provide the best service all round. Client’s remember recruiters who they connected with and were able to speak with honestly.
  2. Predict your client’s needs, understanding your client’s work load and requirements will help you to fill placements faster than your competition. Make sure you know their world, what they do or sell, who is the decision maker and be in an informed position to sell yourself to them.
  3. Stay on top of your contractor’s availability, by creating a contractor calendar you will be able to keep on top of who is available and when. Even when you have confirmed a placement with a client and contractor, try to keep a backup contractor in mind whose availability matches.
  4. Spec potential contractors to clients who you identify as having a requirement when you know a contractor is soon to be available. Starting the line of communication with clear and strong candidates allows the client to trust you and your judgement from the offset.
  5. Speak with referees and understand what they thought about the contractor, the level of their work and professionalism, use this information to build your solid contractor pool.
  6. Social media can not only help with advertising and brand awareness but also sourcing candidates and networking with new clients.
  7. CRM systems can be an invaluable tool to allow you to keep clear logs and actions to ensure your sales plan and targets are met, being able to fall back on previous notes of conversations can be key to building successful relationships – make notes of birthdays!
  8. Feedback from your contractor’s and client’s can be crucial to providing a smooth and efficient service, complaints and gripes allow you to understand what you can do better and how you can improve your service.
  9. Organised back office systems will allow you to continue your networking, business growth and candidate management. 1PS provide services that can are intuitive and simple. Our automated communications, invoices and timesheet set up means users across the platform can navigate and execute tasks quickly and without error.
  10. Have a clear and concise financial plan – understand what funding you require and how you will acquire this will mean you can stay on track and continue to grow. 1PS ensure funding is available quickly and without delay, allowing you to focus on what you do best, growing your business. Our fast payments and automated invoicing means you can manage your cash flow successfully.
  11. For more information on our service and offerings contact us on 0207 175 1177 or email us at hello@my1ps.com.

Steve Jones

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