Invoice Factoring – The Essentials

We here at 1PS believe, that your advanced contract placement funding provider should offer you some key essentials to ensure you can grow both financially and structurally successfully.

Growing your business should not just be about raising capital and acquiring funds at competitive rates to financially grow, it should also be about solid processes, reliable systems and intuitive back office support. We have built the infrastructure, knowledgeable team and secure platform to support and build successful relationships, allowing our clients to trust us to manage their back office.

  1. Flexible Funds – Putting barriers in the way of clients being able to commit to their next placement is frustrating and as a business owner you should be able to be in control of the cash your company needs to grow. Being able to access your profit efficiently is a key aspect to success.

1PS ensure funding is available quickly and without delay, allowing you to focus on what you do best, growing your business. Our fast payments and automated invoicing means you can manage your cash flow successfully.

  1. Leading Rates – Your provider should be able to provide you with a smooth and simple set up, plus a switch process at no additional cost. A key motivator in selecting an invoice finance provider is to enable your ability to scale, you choose them to allow you more financial freedom.

1PS ensure there are no hidden fees, additional costs or charges that would negate your ability to scale. Our rates allow our clients to plan and grow as they cultivate their own clients and placements without the need to worry about funding.

  1. Transparent Terms – Your provider needs to be open and honest, you need to understand the process clearly before tying in to a contract that has extended notice periods or a service that just isn’t up to scratch.

We offer a 30 days’ notice for all contracts. This means if you did decide to leave you wouldn’t be tied in to a long contract with any surprises. We make sure our Account Managers work through our terms in detail and help you to understand how we work before you sign up.

  1. Simple Process – As a recruitment business you will understand the fast pace providers are required to work at when dealing with contractors and placements. The service they provide to you should be secure, easy to navigate and instinctive.

At 1PS we have a real insight into how recruitment agencies work and the speed in which placing contractors happens. We understand that the process needs to be intuitive and simple. Our automated communications, invoices and timesheet set up means users across the platform can navigate and execute tasks quickly and without error.

  1. Helpful Tools – Selecting a provider for your invoice financing is meant to make your life simpler. They should manage the process from beginning to end with efficiency whilst also allowing you access to manage your contracts, timesheets, expenses and credit control.

Our portal creates a straightforward and easy experience for our users, our aim was to create a platform that allowed our clients to use it without the need for guidance. We have created tools that pull together not just invoice funding and an intuitive platform but also a wealth of knowledge and support in the relevant sectors and industries.

  1. Personal Service – As a business owner you need to have a provider that is on hand at every stage and improves the way you finance and manage your contractor growth. Your financer should manage the credit control aspect allowing you to place contractors and win clients.

At 1PS your dedicated Account Manager will take you through the set-up process, understand your individual needs and manage your relationship with us. Our expert onboarding team will make it easy to get started, allowing you to navigate your portal with ease, set up records, approve timesheets and process invoices effectively. Whether this is your first time using an invoice funding provider or you are switching from another financer we ensure the set up or migration is well executed, and you are well informed.

We understand the world of invoice financing can be a minefield which is why are on hand to discuss the process and any questions you have.  For more information on our service and offerings contact us on 0207 175 1177 or email us at

Tim Bailey

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