Places other than LinkedIn to source the right candidates

Places other than LinkedIn to source the right candidates

LinkedIn is full of recruiters competing for the same candidates and although the platform has been a game changer for the industry there are other industry specific job boards and sites to source the perfect candidate for your role that you may not have considered:

Stack Overflow
Sourcing a techie? Stack overflow has a great job board that will allow you to find specific tech focused candidates.

Obviously it’s a no brainer using social media, but the advanced search function allows you to search for specific terms and narrow down the area of the user too!
Developers, managers or engineers, has a job board used by some big names, it allows users to create a profile that can be used to be contacted directly or apply to jobs within their job board.

Predominantly used for sharing news and online content, Mashable also offer a fab job board for sourcing digital contractors and with such a big audience scope it would be worth checking it out.

Although not a job board, Reddit allows individuals that are passionate about subjects to discuss them at length and a candidate who loves their industry must be worth speaking to right?

Whilst there are other sources, LinkedIn remains a really good tool and Recruit’em allows a user to use a search tool which populates a google search page of candidates that could suitable.

We are sure you will have heard about some of these but hopefully this has been some good food for thought!