Why should you switch from your current invoice funder?

Why should you switch from your current invoice funder?

Invoice funding should be a success hack for agencies, this service shouldn’t drain resources in house and shouldn’t be an expensive solution for you. With that in mind are you getting what you should be getting from your current provider:

  • An invoice funder should pay you 100% of your profit quickly and efficiently
  • There should be no additional cost for credit checks and vetting of your clients onboarding
  • You should not be tied into lengthy exit terms or be bound by high cancellation costs
  • The fee you pay for your funding should be clear and a complicated fee structure shouldn’t be in place
  • Your funding support team should be able to manage and help with the growth of your business not put restrictions in place
  • Your funder should manage credit limits that are in place and warn you when the limit is near to being reached to ensure payments can be processed

Your chosen provider should aid you in maximising your profit, ensure you receive it quickly and relieve the admin workload of contracting. They should also be able to provide fast decisions regarding new clients meaning a constant cash flow for you and your business whilst also being able to provide credit insurance.

At 1PS we ensure our clients feel confident with their decision of choosing us, we make sure from day one we handle onboarding and approval of placements with speed, we run a fast payment cycle and ensure switching is pain free. We bring together highly experienced professional services and recruitment support expertise. We have invested in solutions to solved the day to day problems faced by growing recruitment agencies.

Call us on 0207 175 1177 or email us hello@1ps-old.phantasm.in to find our more about our switching process.