10 Quick Time Saving Tips for Small Companies

  1. Set Goals – limit your daily tasks to create a realistic plan to reach rather than overwhelming yourself and failing to achieve
  2. Email Filters and Archives – a simple yet effective tool to save time searching for lost emails and old documents
  3. Plan – when you have your goals, how are you going to reach them and what do you need to achieve them?
  4. Set Deadlines – setting deadlines can work as motivation and a way to track progress
  5. Take a break – it is important to remember to stop, allow yourself time to re focus
  6. Use a central social media management system – this type of platform can take away the admin burden of your social media and allow your online presence to grow without daily interaction
  7. Automate Payroll – don’t waste time chasing timesheets or processing payments to contractors, partner up with a company that can take this away from you
  8. Take Notes – effective note taking will ensure you can reach your goals and stick to your plan, follow up on tasks assigned to specific team members and track progress
  9. Virtual Meetings – take away the travel time wasted on meetings and schedule them using an online tool if possible
  10. Project Management Tool – allowing your team to communicate, work on projects and share work using a system can improve efficiency

All of these are just simple ways to improve your day to day workload and allow you to focus on your main objectives. Take a look at how our services can help your company, for more information or contact us at hello@my1ps.com or call on 0207 175 1177.

Georgia Burbridge

How much can you save?