The Financial Advantage of Back Office Services

The Financial Advantage of Back Office Services

In general back office solutions area system-based platform that allows you to efficiently manage the admin burden of recruitment, we have designed and built our own 1PS portal to help our clients control timesheet submission, invoice generation and placement management.

Along with our portal, our operations and onboarding team offer a personal service and provide ongoing support to all users within our platform. We provide welcome calls to your clients and contractors to inform them of the process and what they can expect. We perform due diligence on your contractors and their limited companies, and your contractors can view the progress of their timesheet submissions within their own dashboard.

With data being available in real-time you can solve issues quickly and efficiently allowing you to return to filing placements and sourcing clients. Our agency users have their own dashboard which means you can quickly identify the status of a payment and timesheet.

We send timesheet submission and approval reminders twice a week to ensure all contractors and timesheet managers have actioned timesheets within the portal, saving your team time by not making time consuming calls to chase for approval of timesheets.

1PS manage your weekly payroll and ensure your contractors are paid on time, every time. We send weekly update spreadsheets, allowing you to effectively monitor the success of your placements. Our reporting is transparent with a clear break down of your commission.

We ensure that credit limits are managed and monitored so that you are aware of the status of your client accounts, so if ever a limit is close to being reached you have the information before hand and together we can proactively manage it meaning there are no nasty surprises, especially when your contractors are on site with your clients.

With years of knowledge within the recruitment industry we understand the pain points of temporary workers and the admin burden this can put on a new agency, the financial advantage of using our service is clear, call our team to arrange a demo and discuss the options on 0207 175 1177.