What makes 1PS different?

What makes 1PS different?

1PS brings together highly experienced professional services and recruitment support expertise, we have invested in our 1PS portal to solve the day to day problems faced by growing recruitment agencies but what makes us different to our competitors?

No Hidden Fees
According to feedback we have received, our competitors are not always transparent in relation to hidden charges or explaining the agreement that they have place from the outset. We ensure that from the first conversation you have with us, you understand how we work and what is involved in signing up and the onboarding process.

Superior Customer Service
We pride ourselves on our speedy responses and by comparison some of our competitors are known for not responding quickly enough to provide credit limits to help you expand your business. They don’t answer queries in a timely manner as apposed to our operations team who handle these requests swiftly and keep you up to date with progress along the way.

We ensure that no matter what the contractor’s choice of payment method, we consider the time it takes to process their payment and ensure that even if not working via their own ltd company and they choose an umbrella company, that their payments can be processed on time by both parties.

Credit Limit Management
Our team monitor credit limits and ensure our clients know when these are close to being reached rather than just providing a ‘computer says no’ response and putting a hold on funding, meaning delays to contractor payments.

Other frustrations we are aware of is that cash isn’t reconciled properly or quickly enough, meaning credit limits are breached even when the client has paid, our team carry out daily checks of funds received and match them against credit limits which are updated accordingly. Along with this our team chase debts efficiently and deal with end clients in the same professional manner that we use with our clients.

The 1PS Difference
Our focus at 1PS is to ensure that our agencies can grow and take on new clients without being affected by concentration limits to their funding.

Our unique 1PS portal has been designed and developed by us, with feedback from agencies and real contractors. We continue to adapt our processes and portal to ensure we can support your business to grow rather than putting in further restrictions, by developing our own product we are able to ensure our platform assists our clients to grow.

To find out more about our service watch our 1PS video here.