6 Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic in 2019

6 Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic in 2019

Get more buzz for your brand or business with these top tips

  1. Make Sure Your Content Looks Good Enough to Share!

This may seem obvious but first impressions are essential. Inspire your audience with attention-grabbing visuals, entertain with slick animated videos and dazzle with super-clickable headlines.

And make sure that if a user wants to share your content (and boost traffic) that it looks like it supposed to, reflecting well on their online reputation as well as your business.

  1. Make Your Content Easily Shareable

Be mobile friendly as the majority of our time spent social networking is away from the desktop. Make it simple for users to share and immediately increase traffic using free heat map plug ins to track high click volume and add your social share buttons here.

  1. Add Click-to-Tweets Throughout Your Content

This neat little tool allows readers to highlight parts of your content to share on social media without leaving the page. There’s even a click-to-tweet WordPress plug-in that makes it super simple to craft click-to-tweets.

  1. Broadcast Social Media Accounts from Your Website

Use prominent social icons that are impossible for visitors to miss. And make the most of social media management tools like Hootsuite.

  1. Encourage Engagement and Enable comments

The comments section of popular posts can hold great conversations and allow users to interact with you directly. Make sure you filter the spam with useful widgets or plug ins!

  1. Install Facebook Customer Chat

If you use Facebook, then upgrade your old messenger to a Facebook Messenger customer chatbot.  With this widget every time a customer engages with you, you’ll automatically gain contact information so you can follow up with them in the future.