Diversity and Inclusion in the Recruitment Sector- How We Can Help

Diversity and Inclusion in the Recruitment Sector- How We Can Help

At 1PS we provide funding and back office services for your recruitment agency, so you can concentrate on more important things. Namely, establishing and growing your company, staying on top of business trends and keeping your eye on the labour market.

It is really important for any recruitment organisation to stay relevant and not fall behind in such a competitive market.

Working with 1PS will free up your time, allowing you to explore and consider all the latest industry trends and topics.

One of the hottest topics, that has been pertinent all year and has appeared in a myriad of contexts – from Love Island, to the Recruitment Agency Expo and also including significant government investment into strategy and research-  is D&I (Diversity and Inclusion).

The benefits of a diverse workforce have been well documented and are listed in our Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace post. Within the recruitment industry specifically, the growing fight for talent and the increased emphasis on diversity means that agencies need to be committed to looking at how they attract, retain, and treat a broader pool of candidates. Recruiters also have an important role in helping clients review their recruitment processes and consult them on how to improve the balance within their ranks. Recommendations to help recruiters and businesses attract more diverse talent include AI; adopting name and context-blind applications; and employing neutral language in job adverts.

It’s a challenging time for recruitment right now. Record low unemployment levels, rising vacancies and skills shortages –not to mention Brexit. Employers and recruiters alike must find ways to use all the talent that this country has to offer, or risk being left behind.

Significant progress has been made in D&I over the past few years, but there is still some way to go. Gender diversity is not the only issue, ethnicity, disability, age  – all must be considered and recruiters have a leading role to play in driving this change. 1PS will be there to support your recruitment business meet these challenges, every step of the way.