Your Recruitment Toolbox for Marketing

Your Recruitment Toolbox for Marketing

No not the one containing the screwdriver and hammer, but your recruitment toolbox. We all love tools and gadgets that make our lives easier and the same goes for tools that make our workload easier too.

Contact Out

A good email finding tool and can be incredibly useful for if you have found a perfect prospect but do not have a sure-fire way of contacting them. In its simplest form it uses the persons LinkedIn profile to search other social media sites and the broader web to find both an email address and phone number, it even guarantees all emails provide are triple verified and 97% accurate. Take a look and see if you think your team could benefit.

Mail Chimp/Mail Merge

Mass emails are standard in most marketing departments; however, they can be very time consuming to collate.  Mail Chimp, a well-known tool, great for sending newsletters, company updates or mass communication to your desired audience, it provides feedback and reporting on the success rate of opens and allows you to see who is engaging with your content. For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to paying for the tool, may benefit from using the mail merge feature built into word for sending emails on mass, but there are tools out there that can improve mail merge and even let you send attachments with your emails.

Social Media Schedulers

Social media scheduling tools are a brilliant asset for companies wanting to speak to their audience on a regular basis whilst allowing you to save time or missing the ‘right’ time to post. Sprout Social have pulled together eight recommended social media scheduling systems – worth a read!

CRM systems

The market is flooded with different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software options and can be hard to narrow down the right one for you and your team. Cost, efficiency and usability are key when choosing the right CRM, you may also want to consider integration with other systems. Setting actions for yourself is a great way to ensure you contact candidates and clients on the right days and follow up accordingly.