A month in the life of 1PS – March

A month in the life of 1PS – March

I had planned to share with you my time working alongside the development team for last four weeks however with the current situation we are all faced with and working life changing so drastically for many of us, I thought I would give you an insight into how 1PS are coping and adapting to our new working world.

We like many other companies, are making the best of a bad situation and working as normally as possible. As the situation began to unfold, we decided to make sure all our team were able to communicate quickly and effectively, we set up a WhatsApp group to speak with each instead of filling everyone’s inboxes! We also set up Microsoft Teams as another method of communication and took home all the equipment we needed to set up our temporary desks at home.

Every morning we have a 30 minute call as a team, we catch up with our workload and see how everyone is doing, supporting each other where we can, it is a nice change being able to hear and see everyone during the call and knowing that everyone is okay if not a little stir crazy.

We even have virtual coffee with each other where we have a short video call and have a cup of coffee to just talk about anything and everything in a bid to keep the social aspect of the office going!

Everything is still running at 1PS as normal and we are striving to bring you excellent service just this time from our own homes. Our whole team are dedicated to ensuring we make your life easier, speaking with clients and contractors and providing support in any way we can.

Stay safe!