A month in the life of 1PS – June

A month in the life of 1PS – June

In June, I worked alongside the onboarding team who really are the voice of 1PS and can more often than not be found on the phone talking to agencies, clients and contractors.

The 1PS onboarding process is designed with ease in mind, we know that paperwork can be time consuming and we want to make the process as seamless as possible. Regardless of whether we are onboarding a client or contractor we provide a welcome call and discuss what the user can expect from our process and what the next step is.

Another part of the onboarding teams’ responsibilities is ensuring all of the details of each user have been correctly loaded into our portal and loading placements to ensure timesheets can be submitted! I always find looking at the roles people are filling for their placement interesting as I had never realised how many variants of job roles there are.

The onboarding team are the first point of contact for all our portal users, meaning they are always on hand to help with queries, resolve any issues and help in any way that they can.  I really respect what they do, it’s essential to 1PS and the success of the relationships for all parties involved, they are always cheerful and ready to talk to anyone each day and are happy to help with any problem no matter how big or small.

The compliance aspect of the onboarding team is complicated however the team have guidelines in place and help our agencies to understand any queries that arise. The team follow internal checklists and we have regular audits to make sure we have followed each process correctly.

In summary, the onboarding team handle our processes from the beginning with portal demos to timesheet approvals and will always be on hand to help!