A month in the life of 1PS – July

A month in the life of 1PS – July

This month I worked alongside the payroll team, working to ensure contractors were paid on time, and as you can imagine contractors view this as the most important function of 1PS so accuracy is key!

I collated the invoices to be issued to clients along with back up information of timesheet approvals and also managed some of our more manual payroll processes. 1PS promise to provide flexible solutions to our agencies to enable them to work with clients with processes in place that require intervention so this task is an important one to get right.

In theory the payroll department’s role is to ensure the approved timesheets are consolidated and payments are processed to the contractors and agencies on time. However as many in the industry will already be aware, timesheets are not always approved on time which has a big knock affect.

Our portal chases users automatically before our payroll deadline, to either submit or approve timesheets. However with the knowledge of the industry that we have we know that sometimes an approver or contractor may need another nudge and just like with any group project I’ve worked on at university there is always something that slows the process down. Being mindful of this we notify our agencies of those timesheets that have not been approved before payroll so they are able to manage the relationships they have before any issues arise.

Overall working with the payroll team was much more interesting than it seemed to be from the outside, I originally went in just thinking it was literally paying people’s wages but that is only a small part of it. There is lots of record keeping of past payments, liaising with agencies for the info and working with the credit control team regarding invoicing.