Who’s Appealing To Who? Connecting With Generation Z.

Who’s Appealing To Who? Connecting With Generation Z.

Last Friday up to 70,000 children from cities and towns world-wide skipped school to demand action on climate change. And no matter what your personal view point, the significant generation gap this display has highlighted cannot be denied.

This youth global movement is a clear message from Generation Z, and it is directed at us.  It is the next generation expressing their concerns to a perhaps jaded, worldly-wise group of ‘influential adults’. So what should we do? Should we listen to them or should we ignore them?

The fears of our generation are often focused on the immediate. We are preoccupied with making our businesses work, remaining employed, paying our bills – surviving in the short term.  Children demanding us to think about long term sustainability rather than profit is a hard pill to swallow – it would be easier to just ignore them.

But whether we like it or not the modern business landscape continues to evolve. Businesses are expected to be more proactive and make positive contributions to their society and environment. Current trends are all about small companies and start ups embracing and implementing sustainable practices. And we seem to be fixated with ways we can appeal to and recruit millennials and Generation Z. Perhaps we cannot ignore them?

Millennials and Gen Z’ers are more likely to buy from, work for and invest in businesses who are combating climate change and other global problems. Showcasing your green reputation could make you futureproof?  It might not all be about hitting your corporate responsibility targets either, whole business models are being rewritten with the aim of becoming not only more effective but more profitable.  A 2014 report published by the CPD found that companies who incorporated sustainability made more profits than companies who did not.

There is lots of advice out there on how to make your business more sustainable.  The main suggestions often include going paperless and making sound investment in next generation technology.  This is where 1PS can help.  Our innovative portal is a reliable, technological tool that will assist your business growth and has the ability to generate, process, manage and distribute all back office paperwork, reducing paper waste and your carbon footprint.