2021 Goal Setting

2021 Goal Setting

2021 Goal Setting: 5 Easy Tips to Kickstart Your Recruitment Efforts

A new year predictably means fresh beginnings, a renewed sense of determination and abundant lists of resolutions, goals and trends! Even after a year like 2020 this reliably does not change. 2021 may not have started with the bang we had hoped for but with hope (and vaccines) around the corner it is still important to start as we mean to go on. So below are 5 simple steps to help you be ready from the get-go.

  1. Flexibility – 2020 has proven that flexibility can lead success- being able to anticipate and react to the changing landscape of recruitment is key. According to recent Gartner research, taking an agile approach to hiring can see a 31% increase in recruiter productivity. Flexible reactions to the pandemic have maintained business continuity during an uncertain time and this will need to be carried through into 2021.
  2. Soft Skills – As we continue to operate in a hybrid or fully remote work model this year, there will be a shifting focus towards soft skills.  Recent reports from LinkedIn signalled that the fastest growing skill for recruiters is actually personal development – the ability to add new skills.  Increasingly companies will hire people who are adaptable, resilient, and can be trained in many skill sets. Hiring internally and developing employee’s skills will likely be on the 2021 agenda.
  3. Culture and Brand – In 2021 more value will be placed on brand and workplace culture- vital to maintaining company morale, boosting employee success and on social media, it’s ability to set companies apart in a positive manner. According to TalentLyft businesses with strong employer brands see 50% more qualified applicants.
  4. Technology – This coming year recruiters will be relying further on technological solutions due to increased remote working and rising unemployment. A new global business survey commissioned by Xerox shows that recruitment companies are investing in new resources to support a hybrid remote/in-office workforce. With 56% of firms increasing technology budgets and 34% planning to speed to their digital transformation as a result of Covid-19.
  5. Humanity – Alongside the technology it is important not to forget about humanity. In a world of uncertainty and automation it pays to show some heart.  Let 1PS solve your technological and back office needs, so that you can concentrate on talent acquisition and candidate experience, dramatically improving your 2021 recruiting efforts.

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