8 Ways to Spice Up Your Job Ads

8 Ways to Spice Up Your Job Ads

And Attract the Best People

Sourcing the best talent has never been more challenging. British employers are currently facing the most severe shortage of job candidates on record and as a result recruitment has never been more competitive.

The job boards are saturated and with so much choice out there, you will need to be able to stand out from the crowd. So, if you’re looking to attract high quality talent and want your job advert to eclipse all others – then you’ve come to the right place. Here we have created a reliable guide to help you craft an enticing advert that will have applicants falling over each other to apply.

How to improve your job advert

1) The Hook

The job title will be the first part of your job advert an applicant engages with. It is your hook – the vital opening that will influence whether a candidate will continue reading and apply.

Don’t underestimate your job title – many people will apply based solely on this.

If you want to hook the right candidate then simple, clear, and easy to search for job titles work best. Add a more specific title to reduce the number of applicants that aren’t the right fit.

Try and avoid the trend for eccentric job titles such as, Wizard of Want or Canine Herder. They may be creative but if a title is misunderstood jobseekers won’t click on your ad.


2) Splash of Creativity

The time to be more creative is in the job advert itself. If your ad is impressive and a little different to the hundreds of job postings out there, the more applications you will receive, increasing the odds you’ll find that special someone.

Get some attention-grabbing insight from these inspirationally creative recruitment ads.


3)Hint at Culture

Show off your work culture. Illustrate all the benefits, perks, office treats, and great equipment that candidates can expect to have access to when they start working at your company.

In today’s world, people want more than just a “job” they want a lifestyle, something they love, something that matters to them. Let them easily ‘peek in’ and see what is on offer with images, testimonials, company reviews or link to video tour of the office.


4)Add Visuals

This is another crucial component to your job ad. Research shows that job seekers will be more responsive to an ad with images (see the infographic below).


It’s also valuable to design your job advert page beautifully with breathing spaces and focal points. If necessary, you can outsource these tasks using sites like dribbble and fiverr.


5) Easy reading

Less is more. Don’t put potential candidates off with a text-heavy job ad or an intimidatingly long requirements list. Keep it brief, natural, and to the point. Make use of bullet points. Most job seekers will only spend a few seconds browsing a job ad, so you want to get your message across easily.

Research by LinkedIn found that job postings of 150 words or less attracted far more candidates than those with more. Evidence also suggested that adverts with 450 to 600 words actively put job hunters off!


6) The Bait?

Any good job description worth its salt needs to have some bait. You need to offer more than just another job. So, ask yourself what can you offer your candidate – career progression? Training? Really tune into the WIIFM (‘What’s In It For Me?). Studies have shown that applicant-focused job adverts will outperform those concentrated on employer demands.

And don’t forget to mention the ultimate prize – salary. Job ads with a listed salary attract up to 30% more applicants.


7) Personalise

Make the language in the job advert candidate focussed too, by using the pronoun “you” instead of “the applicant”. Speak to job seekers directly so they can envision themselves doing the job they’re applying for.

Try and sell the role personally. Think about your perfect candidate and write the advert as though you were talking to them in person.


8) Do your Research

Do your homework and look at your competitors’ job descriptions, perks, and job titles to get an idea of what you’re up against.

How does your job posting compare with the rest of the market? Where can you offer more to attract the best of the best?


With all of this in hand, your job post will stand out against the rest.  Good Luck!