Houseplant Week

Houseplant Week

Every year, during the second week of January, it’s time to honour houseplants in all their glory!

By mid-January, the removal of decorations and Christmas trees leave our indoor spaces feeling pretty empty.  Even outside the trees are bare and there’s not too much going on in the parks and gardens. But this doesn’t have to be the case and we don’t have to make do with all the dreariness.

Instead, we can enhance our decor and lift your office space with houseplants! Not only does this make our workplace look great, but houseplants also have health benefits that you might not even know about. See our blog  Plants Make People Happy to discover more about how plants improve the air we breathe and help lift our moods during the darker winter.

We want to celebrate houseplants and indoor gardening with you this week by helping you choose the right plant for your office.

So, before we get started, it’s helpful to consider a few things, first: 

  • What plant would work for your office? 
  • How much space do you have?
  • How much natural light does your office get?
  • What is the temperature and humidity?

There’s a huge variety of plants and designs you can go for from vertical gardens, hanging baskets, floor-standing plants, or bespoke built planters but the questions above will help you narrow down your options.

Below we have created a guide, specific to certain spaces, to help you find that perfect green companion:


Bright Spaces

If you have a lot of light in your office, perhaps a south-facing window, warm windowsill, or conservatory area then here are some plants that will thrive in bright rooms:

Cacti – are such a good option for these conditions, as these plants love bright spaces and survive with little effort. If you want a statement plant go for a Road Kill Cactus or a Desert Candle Cactus. Remember over-watering is a big killer of cacti so go easy with the watering can!


If you’re looking for something a bit leafier then a Fiddle Leaf Fig, Swiss Cheese Plant, or most Palms will also do well in a bright sunny spot.


Low Light Rooms

If your office space isn’t blessed with a lot of light you don’t have to abandon your green dreams.

If you want a statement plant in these conditions then go for a Yucca or a Dracaena. If you’re looking to save on space then Devil’s Ivy  or ZZ plants also don’t mind a shadier spot either.

ZZ Plant

High Humidity

Some plants love a humid environment and would do well in a moist space, a bathroom, or a kitchen area.

Ferns – are always an excellent choice, perhaps a Bird’s Nest Fern or a Boston Fern. Remember with these plant buddies to keep the soil moist and they love the occasional mist with water spray bottles.


If space is not limited, then you could go with Calatheas. Moth Orchids are another good pick as they too enjoy high humidity.


Low Maintenance Lovelies

This is often a prerequisite for an office plant and here we have a few suggestions for both big and small green beauties that can survive with very little fuss.

Sansevieria, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is pretty much indestructible. Not only is this plant available in several sizes but you can also get hold of spikey and snakey varieties to add diversity and texture to a collection.

A Fernwood Snake Plant is a small but very tough option. And as for the Cast Iron Plant – well the clue is in the name for this ‘larger than life’ choice!


Desk buddies

Succulents always make good desk companions as they are compact and hardy. Like cacti, they are good at storing water and are adept at surviving in harsh conditions where other plants fail.

You could go for a Mini Miranda or Haworthia. You can cash into some good fortune and go with a Money Plant. Or if you have the desk space and like variety then why not purchase a bundle? Not only are these plants easy to care for and require little watering but they are also easy to propagate. Simply remove a plantlet from the mother plant and place it in a new pot of soil and voila, you can begin to create your own bundle!

If you spend more time at your desk and would benefit from a bit of aromatherapy, then why not nurture a sweet-smelling Waxflower? They require a little more care, but their jasmine scent is sure to make this one your new bestie!

Share photos of your favourite green companions on social media using the hashtag – #HouseplantWeekUK and tagging 1PS!