Why NOW could be the best time to start your recruitment business!

If the uncertainty of 2020 has got your entrepreneurial juices flowing, you may be delighted to hear that now could be as good a time as any to pursue your new life as a business owner. Believe it or not, now is a good time to get started. Yes, undeniably the recent pandemic has slowed […]

It’s Not Too Late – 2020 Virtual Recruitment Events!

If after months of lockdown and the summer holidays, you feel eager to knuckle down, get up to speed and connect with others in the industry- then look no further than our list of recruitment events to attend online for the last third of the year! SEPTEMBER Future of Work Summit – On 8th September […]

How To Onboard A Remote Worker: Seven Easy Steps

Let’s not delve too much into how and why we got here but remote hiring and remote worker onboarding is super relevant right now. Because despite the pandemic many companies still have jobs to fill.  Beyond where the biscuits are stored, effective onboarding has shown to increase employee performance by up to 11%. So, it’s […]

6 Tips for Leadership and Decision-Making in a Crisis

Organisations all over the world need to take decisive action to adapt and survive the crisis we are currently facing. Crisis management hinges on strong leadership but leadership can often falter under stress. The pressures of critical business decision-making compounded by simultaneous personal change will inevitably lead to stress. So below we’ve compiled some top […]

We Need You! Recruitment in times of national crisis.

The amount of wartime terminology brandished about since the outbreak of COVID-19 is extraordinary!  Donald Trump has refashioned himself as a “wartime president”; Boris Johnson told Britons that we were all “directly enlisted”; Xi Jinping vowed to wage a “people’s war” on the coronavirus. In fact, most of the world’s leaders have got onboard with […]

Let’s Talk About COVID -19.

Bleak statistics and countless upward trajectory charts begin to take their toll, adding to the anxiety we all currently feel about our jobs, our health and our future. It would be wrong to sugar coat this. Yet, moving forward as the spread of coronavirus continues, we must begin to seek out knowledge and strategies that […]

1PS’ Thoughts for 2020

2020 is no doubt going to be an interesting and busy year in the recruitment sector. The proposed expansion of IR35 legislation into the private sector in April, along with the good work plan, AI and tech advances and the increased awareness of mental well-being in the workplace will all play out against a macro […]

6 Ways to Research A Company Before Your Job Interview

Want to go into an interview feeling confident and ready? Follow these 6 steps to make a great first impression and fuel further questions: Visit the Company Website This is the first place to start and the longest step in the process but it’ll give you a ton of information you can use for your […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Does it feel like you’re standing at a threshold in history sometimes? The age we live in is unique – it seems to allow us to observe a changing global climate as it manifests; to witness the social impact of the technology that empowers us. Social networking over the last few years has increased our […]

How AI Is Changing the Game in Recruitment

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us! We are now in the age of disruptive technologies with trends, such as, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence shaping the way we live and work. ‘Trend’ is perhaps the wrong word, it may be erroneous to imply that Artificial Intelligence is a ‘hot trend’ to look out for […]

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