6 Tips for Leadership and Decision-Making in a Crisis

Organisations all over the world need to take decisive action to adapt and survive the crisis we are currently facing. Crisis management hinges on strong leadership but leadership can often falter under stress. The pressures of critical business decision-making compounded by simultaneous personal change will inevitably lead to stress. So below we’ve compiled some top […]

Ten tips to get invoices paid on time

Businesses of all sizes and across all sectors have at some point experienced late payment from clients. Periods of economic uncertainty, such as Brexit and its recently extended deadline, can further impact the length of time it takes for some companies to settle invoices. For recruitment agencies, receiving prompt payment and maintaining a steady cashflow […]

Fintech- What is it really?

‘Fintech’ is a phrase you may have heard increasingly used in the media and within technology circles but despite being banded about it is a term even innovation academics, entrepreneurs and the tech savvy can’t get to grips with. We’ve mentioned fintech in previous posts, as an example of a digital innovation and an industry […]

6 Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic in 2019

Get more buzz for your brand or business with these top tips   Make Sure Your Content Looks Good Enough to Share!   This may seem obvious but first impressions are essential. Inspire your audience with attention-grabbing visuals, entertain with slick animated videos and dazzle with super-clickable headlines. And make sure that if a user […]

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