Top 5 Complaints with Invoice Finance – And Why 1PS Is Different?

Having certainty over cash flow and receiving an advance on invoices can be very appealing but there can still be drawbacks. Here are the top 5 gripes agencies have with their funding solutions and how we are different from traditional recruitment finance: Profitability Reduced With fees and hidden costs invoice financing can mean companies will […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the Recruitment Sector- How We Can Help

At 1PS we provide funding and back office services for your recruitment agency, so you can concentrate on more important things. Namely, establishing and growing your company, staying on top of business trends and keeping your eye on the labour market. It is really important for any recruitment organisation to stay relevant and not fall […]

Is it time to switch your invoice finance provider?

According to research by UK Finance, support for businesses through invoice finance and asset based lending at the end of 2018 stood at £22.7 billion. It is estimated that over 42,000 UK businesses use invoice finance as a cash flow solution. For recruitment agencies, this form of funding means receiving payments more quickly and paying […]

Ten tips to get invoices paid on time

Businesses of all sizes and across all sectors have at some point experienced late payment from clients. Periods of economic uncertainty, such as Brexit and its recently extended deadline, can further impact the length of time it takes for some companies to settle invoices. For recruitment agencies, receiving prompt payment and maintaining a steady cashflow […]

A Guide to Invoice Finance for Recruitment Agencies

Invoice finance is a financial service that helps businesses release money tied up in unpaid invoices. This type of funding is an attractive proposition for recruitment start-ups and small agencies as it provides a steady cash flow and helps them to plan ahead and drive growth in their business. How does invoice finance work? A […]

The Financial Advantage of Back Office Services

In general back office solutions area system-based platform that allows you to efficiently manage the admin burden of recruitment, we have designed and built our own 1PS portal to help our clients control timesheet submission, invoice generation and placement management. Along with our portal, our operations and onboarding team offer a personal service and provide […]

What makes 1PS different?

1PS brings together highly experienced professional services and recruitment support expertise, we have invested in our 1PS portal to solve the day to day problems faced by growing recruitment agencies but what makes us different to our competitors? No Hidden Fees According to feedback we have received, our competitors are not always transparent in relation […]

10 Quick Time Saving Tips for Small Companies

Set Goals – limit your daily tasks to create a realistic plan to reach rather than overwhelming yourself and failing to achieve Email Filters and Archives – a simple yet effective tool to save time searching for lost emails and old documents Plan – when you have your goals, how are you going to reach […]

GDPR – Breakdown

GDPR is a subject that we have all been bombarded with for months, but do you really understand your responsibilities and why we have had to further lock down the information we hold. As of May 25th, 2018 the European Union altered the business requirements for companies that hold personal information relating to any EU […]

Why should you switch from your current invoice funder?

Invoice funding should be a success hack for agencies, this service shouldn’t drain resources in house and shouldn’t be an expensive solution for you. With that in mind are you getting what you should be getting from your current provider: An invoice funder should pay you 100% of your profit quickly and efficiently There should […]

How much can you save?