Top Tips for Starting a Recruitment Business

In our last post we discussed why now is a good a time to set up your own business but to turn your dream into a successful reality consider these tips when starting your own recruitment company: Analyse Your Personality and Circumstances Are you ready to start a business? Is it that the right decision […]

Why NOW could be the best time to start your recruitment business!

If the uncertainty of 2020 has got your entrepreneurial juices flowing, you may be delighted to hear that now could be as good a time as any to pursue your new life as a business owner. Believe it or not, now is a good time to get started. Yes, undeniably the recent pandemic has slowed […]

It’s Not Too Late – 2020 Virtual Recruitment Events!

If after months of lockdown and the summer holidays, you feel eager to knuckle down, get up to speed and connect with others in the industry- then look no further than our list of recruitment events to attend online for the last third of the year! SEPTEMBER Future of Work Summit – On 8th September […]

A month in the life of 1PS – July

  • 1PS
  • Alex Taylor

This month I worked alongside the payroll team, working to ensure contractors were paid on time, and as you can imagine contractors view this as the most important function of 1PS so accuracy is key! I collated the invoices to be issued to clients along with back up information of timesheet approvals and also managed […]

How To Onboard A Remote Worker: Seven Easy Steps

Let’s not delve too much into how and why we got here but remote hiring and remote worker onboarding is super relevant right now. Because despite the pandemic many companies still have jobs to fill.  Beyond where the biscuits are stored, effective onboarding has shown to increase employee performance by up to 11%. So, it’s […]

A month in the life of 1PS – June

  • 1PS
  • Alex Taylor

In June, I worked alongside the onboarding team who really are the voice of 1PS and can more often than not be found on the phone talking to agencies, clients and contractors. The 1PS onboarding process is designed with ease in mind, we know that paperwork can be time consuming and we want to make […]

6 Tips for Leadership and Decision-Making in a Crisis

Organisations all over the world need to take decisive action to adapt and survive the crisis we are currently facing. Crisis management hinges on strong leadership but leadership can often falter under stress. The pressures of critical business decision-making compounded by simultaneous personal change will inevitably lead to stress. So below we’ve compiled some top […]

We Need You! Recruitment in times of national crisis.

The amount of wartime terminology brandished about since the outbreak of COVID-19 is extraordinary!  Donald Trump has refashioned himself as a “wartime president”; Boris Johnson told Britons that we were all “directly enlisted”; Xi Jinping vowed to wage a “people’s war” on the coronavirus. In fact, most of the world’s leaders have got onboard with […]

A month in the life of 1PS – April and May

  • 1PS
  • Alex Taylor

What a few months it has been for everyone! Over the past 2 months I have been working alongside our development team in India, we have taken the opportunity of working from home to accelerate our development plan to create an even better experience for our users across the 1PS platform. My role has mainly […]

A month in the life of 1PS – March

  • 1PS
  • Alex Taylor

I had planned to share with you my time working alongside the development team for last four weeks however with the current situation we are all faced with and working life changing so drastically for many of us, I thought I would give you an insight into how 1PS are coping and adapting to our […]

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