GDPR Compliance

GDPR and its impact on recruiters of temporary resource

You will most likely be aware of the changes under the General Data Protection Regime (GDPR) that cameinto effect for all companies in Europe from May 2018, bringing stringent requirements for the way personal data is collected, processed, shared, retained, managed and destroyed.

Personal data applies not only to your company's staff but also your customers- in your case, the candidates.

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How will GDPR impact you?

- Fines for non-compliance to GDPR of up to 4% of revenue or Eur20M

- GDPR brings new requirements for obtaining consent for processing your candidates' data

- Additional data privacy requirements for creating, managing, and retaining records relating to candidates

- Candidates have a 'right to access' the records you hold on them, and a 'right to be forgotten'

- Notification to the relevant parties of any breach within 72 hours

- All firms must perform a comprehensive GDPR impact assessment

- All firms must ensure that they have the appropriate processes in place to comply with GDPR for both staff and candidate data

- All firms must ensure they have the appropriate controls and/or tools to manage GDPR requirements

- Compliance to GDPR must be met by May 25th 2018

How 1PS can help

1PS has the solution to your GDPR compliance requirements from placement to payments, which will also improve your business operations.

Our 'free to use' 1PS online software enables you to create, process, manage and retain your candidates and end clients information securely and digitally.


GDPR Compliant software

1PS is fully compliant for secure creation, management and retention of records and candidate data

GDPR compliant processes

Fully complaint processes for candidate consent, 'right to access' and 'right to be forgotten'

Fully supported software

1PS provides free technology and operational support 7 days a week

Digital processes

Digitalise and streamline your interaction between end clients, contractors and your agency for placements, contracts, timesheets, expenses & invoicing

Improved Reporting

1PS bespoke reporting dashboard allows you to better manage your contracts, your invoices and your payments

Contractor Funding

1PS will provide 100% contractor funding at a more competitive rate.

How can you prepare for GDPR?

Here are 5 key steps you can take in preparation for GDPR compliance

1. Impact assessment

Have you performed your GDPR impact assessment?

2. Identify your data

Have you identified all sources of your clients and candidates confidential and personal information?

3. Terms & Conditions

Have you updated all your candidate' terms and conditions to comply with GDPR?

4. Process changes

Have you implemented GDPR compliant processes for consent, right to access, right to be forgotten, processing of data, and notification of GDPR breaches?

5. System changes

Do your systems where you store and manage client & candidate personal information meet GDPR requirements?

How much can you save?