A month in the life of 1PS – February

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  • Alex Taylor

My name is Alex, a huge sports fan especially rugby and American football, and I am working at 1PS as part of a year in industry while attending Swansea University studying Economics. I joined 1PS at the beginning of February and this blog will be part of a mini-series documenting my time working here and […]

Your Recruitment Toolbox for Marketing

No not the one containing the screwdriver and hammer, but your recruitment toolbox. We all love tools and gadgets that make our lives easier and the same goes for tools that make our workload easier too. Contact Out A good email finding tool and can be incredibly useful for if you have found a perfect […]

1PS’ Thoughts for 2020

2020 is no doubt going to be an interesting and busy year in the recruitment sector. The proposed expansion of IR35 legislation into the private sector in April, along with the good work plan, AI and tech advances and the increased awareness of mental well-being in the workplace will all play out against a macro […]

Top 5 Complaints with Invoice Finance – And Why 1PS Is Different?

Having certainty over cash flow and receiving an advance on invoices can be very appealing but there can still be drawbacks. Here are the top 5 gripes agencies have with their funding solutions and how we are different from traditional recruitment finance: Profitability Reduced With fees and hidden costs invoice financing can mean companies will […]

How Healthy is Your Workplace Right Now?

We all want to work in a healthy, happy, forward-thinking environment right? The thought of a workplace that causes physical and mental health problems, instigates harmful use of substances and encourages absenteeism does not exactly inspire us to set our alarm each evening before bed! There is so much in the press these days about […]

6 Ways to Research A Company Before Your Job Interview

Want to go into an interview feeling confident and ready? Follow these 6 steps to make a great first impression and fuel further questions: Visit the Company Website This is the first place to start and the longest step in the process but it’ll give you a ton of information you can use for your […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the Recruitment Sector- How We Can Help

At 1PS we provide funding and back office services for your recruitment agency, so you can concentrate on more important things. Namely, establishing and growing your company, staying on top of business trends and keeping your eye on the labour market. It is really important for any recruitment organisation to stay relevant and not fall […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Does it feel like you’re standing at a threshold in history sometimes? The age we live in is unique – it seems to allow us to observe a changing global climate as it manifests; to witness the social impact of the technology that empowers us. Social networking over the last few years has increased our […]

Is it time to switch your invoice finance provider?

According to research by UK Finance, support for businesses through invoice finance and asset based lending at the end of 2018 stood at £22.7 billion. It is estimated that over 42,000 UK businesses use invoice finance as a cash flow solution. For recruitment agencies, this form of funding means receiving payments more quickly and paying […]

How AI Is Changing the Game in Recruitment

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us! We are now in the age of disruptive technologies with trends, such as, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence shaping the way we live and work. ‘Trend’ is perhaps the wrong word, it may be erroneous to imply that Artificial Intelligence is a ‘hot trend’ to look out for […]

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