Show Me the Money!

The Problem If you’re reading this and you’re in the recruitment business, then you will be well aware of the inherent shortfall that occurs in the industry- when it can take clients up to 3 months to pay their invoices but contractors, overheads and salaries need to be paid in the meantime! A chronic late […]

Who’s Appealing To Who? Connecting With Generation Z.

Last Friday up to 70,000 children from cities and towns world-wide skipped school to demand action on climate change. And no matter what your personal view point, the significant generation gap this display has highlighted cannot be denied. This youth global movement is a clear message from Generation Z, and it is directed at us.  […]

The Minimum Rates are Increasing!

In April 2019 over 2 million workers aged 25 and over will see their pay rise, as National Living Wage increases to £8.21 an hour.  This means that the nation’s lowest paid, full-time workers will receive an annual increase of £690 – ensuring that their wages will exceed inflation and average earnings. Next month, the […]

2019 Recruitment Events to Attend

Looking to get out of the workplace and attend some events this year? You’re in luck. Fill your company calendar with our list of the best recruitment events happening in 2019. Make the most of the year ahead and take the opportunity to be inspired, discover new strategies, stay ahead of the game and network […]

6 Ways to Boost Social Media Traffic in 2019

Get more buzz for your brand or business with these top tips   Make Sure Your Content Looks Good Enough to Share!   This may seem obvious but first impressions are essential. Inspire your audience with attention-grabbing visuals, entertain with slick animated videos and dazzle with super-clickable headlines. And make sure that if a user […]

A Defined Overview of Progress in the Recruitment Industry 

Ready for Your Close Up? After taking a comprehensive look at the decade in our #10YearChallenge post, let’s focus our attention on development within the recruitment industry, for the same period. Here we will plot out why and how the industry has continued to grow, the current state of affairs and include some enticing predictions […]

10 Year Challenge- A Snapshot of the Decade 

Unless you’ve been on an online detox over the last few weeks, you’ll no doubt have come across the #10YearChallenge. The reportedly user-generated trend that has gone viral.  The craze involves posting a 2009 photo of yourself next to a recent one, to see how much you’ve changed. The hashtag has now moved beyond the […]

The Financial Advantage of Back Office Services

In general back office solutions area system-based platform that allows you to efficiently manage the admin burden of recruitment, we have designed and built our own 1PS portal to help our clients control timesheet submission, invoice generation and placement management. Along with our portal, our operations and onboarding team offer a personal service and provide […]

What makes 1PS different?

1PS brings together highly experienced professional services and recruitment support expertise, we have invested in our 1PS portal to solve the day to day problems faced by growing recruitment agencies but what makes us different to our competitors? No Hidden Fees According to feedback we have received, our competitors are not always transparent in relation […]

1PS Autumn Budget Round Up

The third budget from Phillip Hammond was announced yesterday with good news for recruitment consultants, as 3.3 million more people are working since 2010 and 800,000 more jobs are forecast by 2022, additionally wages growth is at its highest in nearly a decade. Plus £900m in business rates relief for small businesses. More importantly, the […]

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