GDPR Compliance Service

Partnering with 1PS for the GDPR management may be the most cost and resource effective way to ensure ongoing compliance.

The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) implemented in May 2018 required additional responsibilities for recruitment agencies, including the following:

  • Legal Rights- Have processes in place to ensure appropriate explicit consent and legal right is in place for processing data.
  • Identify, Assess & Mitigate GDPR risks in your firm - Undertake a fully documented risk assessment of the systems and processes you have in place to record, store, process and protect data, and ensure you have appropriate controls in place to safeguard the Data, prevent breaches, cleanse the Data, delete the Data and comply with the obligations of GDPR.
  • Appropriate Policies, Procedures & Training - Ensure you had the appropriate policies, procedures and training in place to comply with all the relevant obligations of GDPR.
  • Identify Data Breaches - Have processes in place to identify, monitor and report any data breaches to the relevant parties and authorities within 72 hours.
  • Maintain Data Appropriately - Have processes in place to keep Data up-to-date and no longer than is necessary, or no longer consented to by the data subject.

These processes can be time-consuming, complex and burdensome for a small recruitment firm to perform.

1PS have risk and compliance expert resource who can efficiently and effectively support you and your employees with your GDPR responsibilities.

Contracts and Legal Rights to Process Data

We ensure that your contracts for your candidates and clients allow for the appropriate legal consent for processing, storing and recording of Data.

Data Protection and Privacy Risk Assessments

We undertake your Data Protection and Privacy Risk Assessments and ensure you have the appropriate controls in place.

Policy & Procedures

We create the appropriate policies and procedures that your firm needs to have in place for all relevant aspects of GDPR Compliance.

Management of Breach Reporting

We manage and coordinate your GDPR breach reporting process to all relevant parties from identification to closure.

SME Contact Point

We are the SME contact for all GDPR, data or privacy matters for your firm, ready to give expert, timely advice.

Data Protection Training

We provide effective training for your staff, new starters, and refresher training, tailored to your needs.

Notifications of Changes

We keep you and your staff up to date on any impending regulatory changes, or relevant news to Data Protection.

Benefits of Partnering with 1PS for your GDPR Compliance

1PS Resource


Expert knowledge of EU Data Protection law

Extensive experience of Data Protection programme implementation

Risk & Compliance SMEs

Assured ongoing compliance to GDPR


For more information on how 1PS can help you ensure GDPR compliance, contact us on 0207 175 1177 or email us at

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